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Cold Spring Road

I was going to title this entry ‘cold fish sandwich’ because that’s what I am eating while I write it. I would prefer that it was a hot fish sandwich, but these are leftovers from last night’s dinner and I am hesitant to put it in the microwave, as I have found that fish doesn’t reconstitute favorably that way.

Cold Fish Sandwich

Cold Fish Sandwich

As I am sure everyone has noticed, warm weather is slow in coming this year. It truly is a cold spring. But it is spring nonetheless and for that we should be grateful…and patient. No, the temperature is not what we would like it to be. But 50 degrees, plus or minus, is still better than either side of 30.

The trees sure don’t have an issue, as anyone allergic to them can attest to. My friggin’ allergies arrived right on time and are hanging around, just to underscore the effect.

But a cold spring, extended version or not, isn’t all that bad. Keep in mind that with the sudden onslaught of warm weather comes with it and equal eruption of undesirable insects – flying, biting, stinging, chewing, crawling, molting, pupating, cocooning and/or otherwise. And who couldn’t use a break from that nuisance while our bodies are adjusting to the warmth?

The sun is shining (when its not cloudy and raining), the spring peepers are peeping (longer than usual) and the a**hole brown wasps are slow to make their nests. Enjoy!

Sooner than later, when the warm weather settles in, people will start complaining that the temperature is too hot, their arm pits are fluid, their asses are swampy and they don’t need to salt their food as much, because the sweat on their upper lip takes care of that.

I say put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, open a cold beer and stfu.

We all know how fleeting summer can be.

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