About the Birdwell

I am a writer, IT professional, bartender.  Not necessarily in any order.  Tending bar was a way to keep a steady paycheck coming in between gigs and provides some fodder for blogging.  IT professional – after two decades in the industry I have seen quite a lot of change.

I have been writing since high school.  I had my first book published in 2011.  It is a book of discovery for children.  You can find out more about it here:


Other than that, just trying to take life as it comes.  Need your pc fixed, someone to recommend a wonderful book for your kid or spin off a great margarita?  Drop me a line.




6 responses to “About the Birdwell

  • dennis

    I’m not sure if I shaped this one or not, could be Regis Jupinko. He shaped alot of my boards. Such a long time ago! I Have the original Sign I had out front on my porch, I also have some Photos of other boards we made for Heineken and 95.9 the rat giveaways on the radio. I was amazed when I was talking to a colleague at work and he pulled up a few pictures. Thought they were all consigned to the sea by now……..

    • guypagano

      It looks like Regis to me. I can’t seem to insert a picture here. Do you want me to send it to dc@justsaythewords.com?

      Would you be interested in me doing an entry on my blog about you and the Lagooz boards? A follow up, of sorts, to the blog entry where I posted the pic of the board? I could send you some questions, you can comment on whatever you feel like?

      I’m not a professional writer, but I have tried my hand at submitting magazine articles. I don’t plan on anything more than a post on my blog site, but maybe one of the surfing magazines or a NJ publication would be interested.

      BTW, I really liked that line ‘…consigned to the sea by now…’


  • dennis

    Guy, I am curious because it looks like one from the second batch. I haven’t seen any more. Hey, those FCS Fins still working?

    • guypagano

      You shaped the board? Nice job. Yes, fins are working fine. Teaching my daughter to surf with it. Nice and light, but the skin is a little thin or maybe just sun baked. Dings easily. But easy for her to use and the right size.

      Can you fill me in on any history?

  • dennis

    Hi Guy, I posted on August 15, 2013 about the Lagooz Board. I also tried to email Andy Anderson, but the address is no good. I’m not sure if you monitor this blog frequently or not, but I would love to ask you a few questions about it.

    • guypagano


      I can’t make out much more than a capital ‘R’ followed by an ‘i’, but if you want I can send you a pic in email.

      My intentions are to blog about twice monthly, doesn’t always work out that way.
      Thanks for reading!


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