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Hey Birdwell, what’s the can of dog food for?

I have not owned or operated a hound for some time now, upwards of 20 years. So it strikes some folks as odd that I would pull a can of dog food out of my pre-excursion grocery bag.

I understand. Dog food purchased usually equates to a dog that needs to be fed. And in case anyone is not familiar with how I feel about feeding dogs, see this blog post –

But that is not the case. (you expected otherwise?). You see, canned dog food stinks. I mean it smells, bad, unappetizing, gross. However, those same adjectives are exactly what makes it appealing to lesser animals – dogs, cats, or, for the sake of this blog entry – foxes, racoons, opossums and skunks. In other words VARMINTS.

Split open a can of Mighty Dog (beef liver with savory herbs in cream sauce), fling it around at the edge of camp, load up the rifle and sit back. It might take an hour or two, but rest assured, something will smell that crap and come running, bib on, drooling and hungry.

Screw the Road Runner. Something smells…


Not only is it good for land animals, catfish seem to like it, too. Drop a perforated can of Ken L Ration (turkey parts with giblet gravy and autumn vegetables) on the end of a string into the river a few days prior to showing up with your fishing gear. Fish smell the dog food and congregate around the area, nibbling on the small chunks that leak out. When it’s time to fish, pull out the can and drop in a chicken liver impaled on a #6 hook.


Charlie the Tuna – displeased, as usual.


It is cost effective. I can get a couple of cans for less than a buck. I might even do better at the dollar store, but I never think that far ahead.

Let me tell you, nothing livens up an evening around camp like having some critter foraging around the outskirts within firing range. Of course, there is always the chance that a skunk will be the varmint du jour, but that isn’t a big deal so long as you are more than 25 feet away and up wind. Then again, the wind tends to change time to time and distances can be distorted due to mitigating factors, like alcohol.

Yeah, once in a while one of the neighborhood hounds shows up and eats it all, then marks the area (bastard).

No, I don’t shoot at it with the gun, that is someone’s pet, after all.

I use the slingshot.

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